REF.: PV010

The Basenjy i9 automatic glass door
A Basenjy i9 is equipped with the most advanced security and control systems to ensure optimal operation. The high technological level, quality and reliability, allows achieving the perfect resolution of both technical and aesthetic aspects, having as a fundamental aspect the energy efficiency of the automation. This automatism is capable of satisfying the requirements in different commercial environments with a capacity of up to 270 kg of total weight of the two leaves. With an elegant design and easy installation, this automation is versatile for all automation professionals, who are looking for solutions with low intervention cost and simplicity in carrying out maintenance.

Innovative design
Profile with a height of 105mm and a maximum length of 5400mm is the ideal dimension for a sophisticated automation, paying particular attention to simplicity in installation and maintenance. The modern aesthetics of the Basenjy i9 automation meet the demands of modern buildings.

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