GR400 ll


GR400 ll

REF.: MB021

Swing gate motors for 2 sheets up to 3.5m and 300kg/sheet
✔️Slowdown in opening and closing
✔️Independent adjustment of the working time on both motors and phase shift between motors

Safety mode
✔️Ensures the activation of the electric lock on closing

✔️Model with 400mm of travel

LED flash light control
✔️Output power at 230Vac with 3 second warning

Built-in radio frequency receiver
✔️Secure encryption based on encryption
✔️Rolling Code Keeloq 433,92 MHz (200 users)

Closing photocells
✔️Ensures safety in closing operations
✔️The installation of a photocell kit is essential for this automation

Pedestrian mode
✔️2 Motors only opens motor 1
✔️1 Engine only opens at 50% of travel

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