REF.: MB028

Motor for residential doors
✔️Capable of moving extremely quickly and safely doors up to 4 meters and 400 kg per leaf
✔️High starting torque to break gate inertia
✔️Slowdown in opening and closing

Easy installation and configuration
✔️Multi-level force adjustment for safe opening and closing, with obstacle detection and crush prevention
✔️Reduced dimensions for easier installation
✔️Simplified operability configuration

Automatic closing
✔️Adjustable closing time up to 2 minutes

Pedestrian mode
✔️2 Motors only opens motor 1
✔️1 Engine only opens at 50% of travel

Dual power supply
✔️Additional protections against mains variations and overloads
✔️2 optional 12V 7A/h batteries capable of up to 20 operations

Certifications and safety standards
✔️CE (Europa)

Machine learning mode
✔️1 or 2 motors

Closing photocells
✔️Ensures safety in closing operations

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