MPRO 380V 60 | 100 | 150


MPRO 380V 60 | 100 | 150

REF.: MI004 | MI005 | MI006

Shaft drive motor for residential and industrial doors
✔️Capable of moving extremely quickly and securely doors up to 40m²
✔️High starting torque to break gate inertia
✔️The motor ensures that the door is locked when it is open or closed

Easy installation and configuration
✔️Ease of installation, configuration, makes it ideal for all types of sectional doors

Automatic closing
✔️Adjustable closing time up to 2 minutes

Dual power supply
✔️Additional protections against mains variations and overloads

Certifications and safety standards
✔️CE (Europa)

Present Man Mode
✔️Gate only closes when pressing down button
✔️Auto-close is inactive

Service door
✔️With the service door sensor, it ensures that whenever the door is open, the automation is not working

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