OMNI II 600 | 1000 | 1200


OMNI II 600 | 1000 | 1200

REF.: MT007 | MT008 | MT009

Revolutionary operating mode and design
✔️Motors with chain or belt
✔️Manufacturing precision and high quality ensure less maintenance
✔️Quiet opening and closing operations with millimeter precision
✔️Unlock / Lock in any position

600N/1000N and 1200N force motor
✔️Able to safely and silently move the largest and heaviest doors, (10m² ,15m² e 18m²)
✔️Two 12V – 1.3Ah Batteries – Optional

Easy Installation and Configuration
✔️Assembly in minutes and with almost no need to change settings
✔️Four learning cycles, time and force calibration for opening and closing cycles

Adaptive anti-crush
✔️Automatic detection of the need for force readjustment for always safe and efficient operation
✔️Automatic adjustment of the force required to open and close independently
✔️Obstacle detection and crush prevention

Operating speed
✔️Setting the closing and opening speed independently
✔️Smooth start and stop

Automatic closing operation
✔️Adjustable up to 2 minutes

Certifications and safety standards
✔️CE marking and in accordance with European standards EN12445 /EN12453

Built-in radio frequency receiver
✔️Secure encryption based on Rolling Code Keeloq 433MHz encryption (20 users)

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